PolSoc's Alternative Student Union Hustings 2022

University of Stirling Student's Union Elections 2022 - Alternative Hustings from the Stirling Politics Society.
An alternative hustings organised and hosted by the University of Stirling Politics Society (PolSoc) for the Stirling Student's Union - featuring in person attendance from Calum Brown, Anastasia Mendini and Tash Miller for Student Union President, and Jess Reid for Student Union Vice President of Communities; as well as a pre-recorded speech from the fourth candidate for President - Louis Utieyin. Murray Bushell also provided a pre-recorded speech for the role of Sport's Union President.
The event was presented by James Southern, Treasurer of PolSoc. The hustings were compared and hosted by Lauri Merilaeinen (President of PolSoc) and Amy McMillan (Secretary of PolSoc).
This recording was executively produced by Ed Conroy (President of StirPod); recorded by 
Lucy McGuire (Treasurer of StirPod); Chloe Liddell (PR & Social Media Manager of StirPod); and Hamdan (StirPod Member).
This Episode's Transcription is not yet available.
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PolSoc's Alternative Student Union Hustings 2022
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