An as-and-when podcast from the University of Stirling Podcast Society - our society podcast will feature podcasts made at events, as well as episodes of our members' podcasts, and episodes they have made for the society; it may feature interviews with staff and students from the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland, UK. As a university with many students from around the world, we may also, at times, have students talking about life here in Scotland and back home.

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FAQ: Freshers Asked Questions

In this episode, David Gilmour StirPod Treasurer asks students for their thoughts on some of the most frequently asked questions from new students.

Pole Fitness Club Pre-Showcase Interview

In this episode, Chloe Liddell, StirPod President, interviews Trine Wittkopf, the Events Coordinator for Pole Fitness, about pole fitness and dance and their upcoming ...

The LES Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the language exchange society! Join us for a variety of amazing language-based topics and guests.The LES Podcast can be found here.

Union Election President Candidate: Andrew Paterson

Andrew Paterson is running for Union President, he is interviewed here by Chloe Liddell, StirPod President. You can read his manifesto here; https://www.stirlingstuden...

Union Election Sustainability Officer Candidate: Anne-Marie Hamfeldt

Anne-Marie Hamfeldt is running for Sustainability Officer, she is interviewed here by Chloe Liddell, StirPod President. You can read her manifesto here;

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